Empolis Buddy


Digital colleague for all service employees and customers

With the Empolis Buddy, you can exploit the potential of Generative AI, such as Large Language Models, for your customer service.
Whether self-services, hotline support for customers and partners or empowering your employees in field service: The Empolis Buddy delivers out-of-the-box solutions for complex questions based on existing knowledge content. This relieves your employees and offers customers and partners an unbeatable customer journey.

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Experience the Empolis Buddy in Action

Empolis Buddy

Productivity boost for your customer service

The Empolis Buddy makes it even easier for your service employees to provide first-class customer service.

The Buddy uses reliable company knowledge and provides the right answers for your service cases using generative AI processes. And best of all, it integrates into your existing systems via an open API, enabling your employees to work seamlessly.

Service technician

Reliable information for the right solutions

With the Empolis Buddy, your service technicians can understand and solve problems faster. The solutions are based on validated and approved content with traceable information sources. A continuous and secure approval process ensures that the Buddy always has access to the latest information in your company.

First Level Support & Self Service

Revolutionary customer experience

The Empolis Buddy understands the language of your customers and guides them to the right solution through targeted, intelligent queries. Thanks to intuitive communication, customers and new employees can solve their problems efficiently even without detailed knowledge. The 24/7 availability enables you to offer your customers first-class customer support around the clock.


Optimized collaboration

The integration of rights and role management allows you to provide user-specific information via the Empolis Buddy. This enables you to ensure that partners or external employees only receive the information that is important to them. Thanks to the open API, Empolis can be easily integrated into partners’ existing systems and the user experience can be enhanced.

API-first Approach

Simplified use and integration

Thanks to the API-first approach, the Empolis Buddy integrates easily into existing systems and can be used out-of-the-box. This allows users to easy integrate the Buddy into Office applications, Ticketing- and ERP-systems or websites.

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