Chatbots, Voice Services
and intelligent Assistants in Service

Today’s customers want to be able to make their enquiries quickly and directly – wherever they are able to contact your service. Whether it’s a website, social media, messenger or voice assistant – simply use the solution knowledge available in Service Express to get in touch with your customers. Frequently asked questions can often be answered in advance. In this way you relieve your employees in first level support and create scope for solving complex service cases.


Solving problems via
speech recognition

Do you want to stay close to your customers in every situation to help them directly with questions and problems or even to generate further service business? Then modern voice services and end devices such as Amazon Echo with Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepad will open up completely new channels to your end users. Use the knowledge, information and existing solution structures in Service Express and integrate them into your intelligent assistants, voice services or chatbots with just a few clicks.


One system –
many advantages


Service bots enable an additional touchpoint to your customers and expand the communication channels for your customer service (omnichannel). The easy contact with your service, the 24/7 availability of bots, the simple search support and the optimal dialogue quality increase the customer experience. They enable you to automate your processes and relieve your service team. Due to the simple integration into existing ordering systems, the After Sales area with spare parts and repair services can be easily expanded with intelligent dialog systems.


The customer wants fast troubleshooting and targeted support, no matter which channel he uses to contact you. Bot solutions based on Service Express are used to search for information, qualify queries to your hotline, record technical customer queries or provide solutions and information in the event of technical problems – Empolis service bots increase customer satisfaction and give you control at all times over the customer dialogue right up to automatic callback service – whether via chatbot or Alexa Skill.


A service offer is created easily and simply on the basis of the service knowledge already available in Service Express, but reduces the number of simple and frequently asked initial requests enormously. A chatbot can also be used to quickly and easily pre-qualify complex topics and problems, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the technical hotline and the support team.


The use of intelligent dialog systems in simple apps or even as voice dialog systems is also being expanded in Field Service. The use of voice services is becoming more and more meaningful, especially for service and repair applications in which the hands are not free to operate an app. In the future, speaking machines and systems will access the information via voice services that is available in the knowledge management system in the backend – here Service Express can already provide the right information at the right time thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence.


Once captured –
in numerous Channels provided

In Service Express, the knowledge for your intelligent dialog system is only recorded once in the central knowledge database and is then available for many applications – from the information bot to the service bot to the sales bot for sales support. Service Express accesses the contents of the central knowledge database and allows your service employees to structure, efficiently maintain and easily provide the knowledge and dialogue processes themselves using the simplest editorial mechanisms. Through our API, dialogue components from other manufacturers, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google or Microsoft, can be easily connected.


Integrating technical terms without programming knowledge

Even when implementing your own chatbots or voice assistants, the Empolis Knowledge Packs allow you to expand your knowledge base with just a few clicks to include individual technical terms, product names or proper names – in any language. Frequently used terms such as size, units of measurement or colors are already included in the functional scope and simplify your service processes from the very first day. Your employees record your service knowledge in knowledge models and decision trees in order to solve and answer customer queries and then make it available via various channels. Initial and standard inquiries can thus be answered more efficiently and automatically.


Sentiment analysis and
Intent recognition given

Especially the analysis of input information and the intentions and wishes of the users characterize an intelligent dialog system. The chatbot technologies integrated in Service Express are ideally suited for this purpose. Empolis Service Express has market-leading technologies for the recognition of intentions and the analysis of the requested information. The simple integration with your own knowledge model ensures that your customers always receive the right answers and that they only enter existing service knowledge once centrally in your company – namely in Service Express.

2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index

„71% of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own.“

Forrester Data Consumer Technographics North American Retail and Travel Customer Lifecycle Survey // Q1 2017 (US)

“Customers increasingly use self service as their first contact point for customer service.”

Kate Leggett // Vice President // Principal Analyst // Forrester

„Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You For Support.“

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