From cost centers to profit centers 

Everyone is talking about digital business models – but how do you get started? Empolis Service Express® provides both: the foundation and the market-ready services to generate revenue quickly and easily with your data and expertise! 

Digital business models in every process step


Prevent breakdowns before they happen 

With industrial analytics, you use the data from your machines to optimize production processes, anticipate repairs and prevent machine breakdowns. A service your customers are happy to pay for. Dive into the world of Empolis Industrial Analytics now. 


Maximize your spare parts business 

If one of your products ever has a defect, it’s the perfect opportunity for your aftersales. With the Knowledge Panel, you have all the necessary information in one place. Your employees can immediately find the affected components and offer them for sale. Avoid product piracy and never miss a sales opportunity again. 


The fastest way 

With Self Services, you offer assistance for customers to help themselves. Customers can solve problems 24/7 on their own. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces your ticket volume. If a quick solution to a problem is needed because critical processes would otherwise stall, customers are even happy to pay an additional fee.

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Taking off as a team

Let’s discuss together how artificial intelligence and modern knowledge management can make your service even more successful.

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