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CRM, ERP or ticketing systems are the core of customer service. That’s why Empolis Service Express® not only brings together the knowledge from all your systems in a knowledge hub, but also integrates itself into the systems that your employees, customers or partners use the most. This allows you to respond to service requests faster, gain new insights and avoid the time-consuming management of multiple interfaces.

CRM / ERP Systems

Standard interfaces

With Empolis Service Express®, your employees work in their familiar system without media disruptions and use all information exactly where and when they need it. We already offer standard solutions in existing CRM or ERP systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and proALPHA.


Customer and service data in one spot

Integrate all the benefits of Empolis Service Express®, such as intelligent search or guided dialogs, into your systems. Whether CRM, ERP or ticketing systems, you can work from a single system and have all customer data and solutions at your fingertips.

With the add-in, your employees can use for example the intelligent search function of Empolis Service Express® directly in Microsoft Outlook. Without having to switch between applications, customer support has direct access to the entire knowledge base and can utilize all the advantages directly. This increases efficiency in customer service.

Find all the information you need for your service requests centrally in the Salesforce Service Cloud. Our standard integration provides you with all customer information and suggested solutions in one application.

With our Zendesk integration, you can access your knowledge base directly in the ticketing system and solve support cases quickly and easily without leaving your familiar working environment.

Restful API

Smart Services and
individual Apps

Empolis Service Express® open architecture supports all REST-enabled development environments. Quickly and easily connect to existing services and develop your own service apps for smart services, chatbots or dialog systems in no time at all.

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