Service knowledge at the touch of a button

With Service Express as your central knowledge database, you and your team will find what you are looking for faster. This increases efficiency in customer service and reduces your service costs by up to 35 percent.



Find, don’t search

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Service Express is always one step ahead of you. The intelligent search functionality automatically completes your search queries, sorts the hits in your result list according to relevance and suggests documents related to the topic.


A single login – complete information

Service Express bundles your service documents in a central location. Based on an individually adaptable role and rights system, your employees have access to all service-relevant information from day one – regardless of which systems and formats they are stored in.


Hit list with guaranteed quality

Service Express speaks several languages and provides the right information, even in the event of accidental typos. Each entry has a preview that helps you evaluate your search results at a glance. If there are problems with a document, you can notify the responsible department immediately.


Filters for own terminology

With just a few clicks, Service Express also understands product names, error codes and synonyms from your individual service terminology. This ensures that all user groups – whether support, field service or end customer – always find what they are looking for.


Work efficiently – with media continuity

Service Express not only searches file names but all of your documents. Matching search results are highlighted and sorted by relevance. Your employees can then go directly to the right places in the document. You can also start error diagnoses directly from the portal.

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