Taking Technical Documentation to the Next Level

For many manufacturing companies, modular and customized products have long been the decisive edge over the competition. The resulting diversity of variants can be managed by creating modular, topic-based content. Topics are modules of larger documents (e.g. manuals). These can be reused in different documents and thus make it possible to individually compile requirement-based content at the push of a button.

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Cooperation in Service and Documentation

More and more companies are taking this forward-looking step towards modular content creation. To exploit the full potential of this approach, Empolis Service Express® with Topic Navigation makes modular content tangible for customer services as well, enabling optimal collaboration. 

Accurate and faster access

Topics easily used in the iiRDS standard in Empolis Service Express®. They appear as independent hits in the search results list and thus allow targeted access to modular content. Topics found in the search appear only once in the results – even if they are included in several documents. As full-fledged content, you can also comment on or share Topics, for example.

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