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Excellent customer service requires excellent service technicians. With Empolis Service Express®, you’re able to make the knowledge of the entire team available to every employee. This way, you solve even the most complex problems, enable new employees to get started quickly, and promote team spirit.

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Every day, your service technicians talk about how they can solve customer problems better – even digitally. However, most of this information gets lost. With Community and Team Knowledge, chats are created focused on the problem that needs to be solved and on top of that, the right experts are identified based on their skills. This way, you not only solve every problem but also tap into this big pile of knowledge at the same time, to make

organization and employees a little better every day.


knowledge transfair

Fast provision of knowledge

The solutions developed in the team can be published directly or prepared and translated into professional knowledge articles with just a few clicks. All attachments, such as photos of the affected machine parts, are automatically transferred – as well as all metadata, that directly linke the new solutions to the underlying knowledge model. This is how you digitize expert knowledge at lightning speed, preserve it in your organization, and overcome challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers and employee fluctuation.


The next level

Provide your management with new and deep insights into your service organization. Find out in real time what your employees are currently dealing with or which components are causing increased problems and anticipate structural problems before they arise. Take technicians and managers to the next level with Community and Team Knowledge.

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