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New insights and unparlleled possibilities

Your service teams are in the field daily to solve your customers’ problems. But how can you support your teams? With our new Control Center, you receive detailed insights behind the scenes of everyday service operations for the first time. Analyze your customer service and discover countless optimization potentials.
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Everything at a glance

The Analytics function in the Control Center shows you the most important client KPIs and trends in a dashboard. Additional charts offer deeper insights into the usage and search behavior of your users. This helps you draw valuable conclusions for improvement of your content and from searches in the Knowledge Portal. It also helps improve the overall use of Empolis Service Express®.
Continuously improve your content
The Feedback component of Control Center provides you a single point to collect, evaluate and edit feedback. Get an overview of the number of times a file has been marked as “helpful” and what feedback it received. Incorporate this feedback on the fly and substantially improve the quality of your content from everyday doing.

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