Service Express for
end customers and partners

Self-service portals give your customers and partners role-based access to the Service Express features they need, as well as all of your company’s service knowledge. Both recurring and complex problems can be solved in advance. This reduces the number of phone calls and service costs.


24/7 service for
electronic products

With Service Express, Phoenix Contact customers have round-the-clock access to current manuals, FAQs and interactive instructions. Many problems can thus be solved without direct contact to the service center. This relieves the service organization and ensures for greater efficiency.


All advantages at a glance


Whether industrial crane or mountain bike – with Service Express your customers no longer depend on hotlines and the related standby times. Frequently asked questions are answered within minutes – completely independent of business hours. This ensures for a positive service experience and increases customer satisfaction.


With a service portal you make your valuable knowledge available not only to your customers, but also to external service technicians and sales partners. This shortens training periods and creates the basis for new business models, such as the provision of fee-based service portals.


When customers and partners utilize Self Services, you relieve your employees of tedious tasks and create more freedom for customer problem resolution. This relieves your service organization and improves your key performance indicators.


Online help for
laser printers

Whether it’s clearing paper jams, setting up a new wifi connection or changing the toner cartridge – with the service portal directly connected to Service Express on the company website, Kyocera’s trading partners can solve these and many other problems in no time at all.


Finding solutions – without expert knowledge

Thanks to easy use of Service Express, the expert tool quickly and simply becomes an intelligent assistant for your customers and partners. Without technical vocabulary, the software helps to narrow down the problem and guides the user with just a few clicks to the correct place in the corresponding service document.


Interactive instructions
in familiar design

With the help of step-by-step instructions in the look and feel of your company website, your customers and partners can find the causes of errors more quickly and solve problems independently. This creates a positive service experience from the very first customer contact and increases customer loyalty.


One knowledge database –
many possibilities

With Service Express, you distribute your company’s entire service knowledge– inside and outside your company. You determine who has access to your service documents and when, thanks to clearly defined roles, views and access rights. This avoids queries and ensures that all user groups find what they are looking for.

2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index

„71% of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own.“

Kate Leggett // Vice President // Principal Analyst // Forrester

„Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You For Support.“

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higher first time fix rate in Field Service

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lower customer service costs

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customer and employee satisfaction


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