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Thanks to the intelligent data analysis of Industrial Analytics, you will be able to predict precisely whether and when machine or equipment maintenance is required. This enables you, for instance, to plan repair work using the right spare parts in advance, reduce downtimes, and save unnecessary cost. And you will be taking a major step into the future at the same time.


Uncover hidden potential


Increased availability

Targeted data analysis not only helps to accurately predict wear and tear, but also to identify root causes of problems. This means that you can initiate specific measures before a breakdown occurs.


Maximized productivity

To increase productivity, not just the machine data but the entire process is analyzed intelligently. This holistic approach allows optimization potential to be identified.


Shortened solution times

The insights gained from the analyses are valuable to Customer Service. They will allow repair work and spare parts procurement to be planned accurately in advance – a boon to both you and your customers.

Albrecht Szeitszam

Senior Manager at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed AG & Co. KG

“For us, it’s a success story! A team of analysts that engages full-heartedly with the subject matter and pursues the same goal as we do: extracting the maximum possible information from the data.”


From intuition to analytics


IIoT experts’ know-how

Take advantage of the intelligent data analysis for optimizing your industrial operation without having to build up the know-how in-house. Drawing on their years of experience, our experts will help you reach the desired result more quickly and without detours. You will thus very rapidly gain a decisive competitive advantage, which no competitor will be able to easily replicate.


Fast results and progress

All the modules for your Predictive Maintenance project are already available: from connectors to analytics bots to the portal with its integral dashboards. In collaboration with partners logicline and verlinked, we provide a comprehensive solution with turn-key components. Benefit from a fast-paced project and rapid productive use of the intelligent analyses.


Secure implementation

Put your trust in the Industrial Analytics Cloud from Empolis for operating your Predictive Maintenance solution. With a diverse range of certificates to our name, we can guarantee you optimum data security and availability as well as fast implementation for every solution variant. This will help reduce your initial cost and give you a decisive head start in the implementation.


Production optimization for printing presses 

As the world’s oldest printing press manufacturer, Koenig & Bauer AG is among the industry leaders that successfully combine traditional values with modern technologies. Use of Industrial Analytics has enabled the company to increase the availability of their printing presses by a further 20 percent. That impresses customers as they know they can count on the investment security of the machines and their reliably outstanding performance.


Everything predictable – including the cost

A standard solution excels particularly by one thing: a transparent pricing model with defined function scope, without any hidden costs. That means that you have certainty where investment decisions and strategic development are concerned. Choose Industrial Analytics from Empolis Service Express and thereby a partner that has experience in the IIoT environment.


Ready to start as soon as you are

Industrial Analytics offers a bot concept that consists of predefined solution modules that only need to be configured to match specific system components. This means that you will be able to focus on your core process know-how and won’t need to acquire new AI expertise. In addition, you will also be able to make a quicker project start as there is no need for large volumes of historic data.


When will you start your project?

Industrial Analytics on your shop floor? Definitely! In a joint workshop, which will include a feasibility study, we can work with you to identify the possibilities and devise concrete use cases.

  • Productive workshop for fast results
  • Reliable basis for decision-making and investment
  • Foreseeable cost combined with optimum efficiency