Accuracy rather than guesswork

Industry 4.0 can be this simple: Industrial Analytics from Empolis will give you not just the toolkit but turn-key solution modules in the form of bots. These can be quickly combined to form a system component and will rapidly provide valuable insights about the machine condition and the optimization potential, even without historic data.


A concept with extensive possibilities

Industrial Analytics from Empolis bundles the project experience gained over 20 years in an extensive catalog of different bots. These predefined, ready-made analyses only need to be configured with the relevant parameters to be ready for use. In addition to providing useful insights, this frees up valuable development time and ensures high-quality results.


Intelligent and customizable

From thousands of pieces of sensor information, only those precise measured values and signals are filtered out and analyzed that are relevant to the required evaluations. Industrial Analytics provides different models and methods for the purpose of predictive forecasts, trend analyses, and the detection of deviations.


Systematic performance optimization

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – consequently we work on the principle of checking out the informative value of analyses by combining different bots. That ensures high-quality results and opens up numerous use cases for you. In the case of the standard analyses, a general distinction is made between the detection of relevant correlations and the comparison of measured values of similar machines.




In the event of a breakdown, is there a correlation between a specific component and the entries in the machine log? The event correlation identifies patterns of recurring dependencies and links solutions with the required measures, for instance to automatically generate tickets for Customer Service.



measured values

Depending on the material, operational, and environmental conditions, measured values may deviate from the ideal operating conditions. To draw the right conclusions for the optimization of the machine performance or about the need for service visits, the cluster analysis provides reliable information that takes into account specific influencing variables.


Printing machines are becoming smart

Koenig & Bauer AG is the world’s oldest printing press manufacturer. Use of Industrial Analytics has enabled the company to increase the availability of their printing presses by a further 20 percent. Thanks to the intelligent prediction and the listing of possible fault sources, their technical service has improved in troubleshooting speed and accuracy.


Realizing data potential effectively

Intelligent data analysis is only one side of the coin. The other can be used to good effect, for instance to do forward planning for maintenance and repair, to order all spare parts in good time, and to reduce unplanned downtimes. Not only does this reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction, it also becomes an important competitive advantage for you where service is concerned.


When will you start your project?

Industrial Analytics on your shop floor? Definitely! In a joint workshop, which will include a feasibility study, we can work with you to identify the possibilities and devise concrete use cases.

  • Productive workshop for fast results
  • Reliable basis for decision-making and investment
  • Überschaubare
  • Foreseeable cost combined with optimum efficiency